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Custom Skin Clock 1.5

It’s a desktop version in which you can frame your favorite photo
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Custom Skin Clock is fancy clock. It’s a desktop version in which you can frame your favorite photo. Download any photo which you like on your clock’s face; like your pet or some really good moment of your life, your family photo, or the photo when you where out with your friends or group. This clock does not interfere in your work by appearing on any open application and will not occupy much space on your system. It’s a very good clock which can adjust with any desktop. Anyways all of us get bored with the same display on the monitor like the; same task bar, windows or same wallpapers. In such case then clock custom skin clock is best for you. You can place this clock any where on the desktop with your favorite picture displayed in front of you. With its customizable settings you can change the color of the hands and numbers of the clock. With a simple interface the clock makes your desktop more attractive as well as interactive The most attractive feature of this software is that you don’t have to spend a penny on this software because is a freeware program. To apply a photo on the clock; click on load image and the image is loaded to the photo; you can also select a part of the photo. Just these few steps and your work are done; you too will really enjoy an amazing Custom Skin Clock on your desktop.

Padma Pardhy
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  • It does not interfere in your work
  • Gives a decorative appearance to your desktop


  • Some interface is sticky
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